Health Insurance Reform Idea

It is a fact that we all need health insurance. This is especially true for those who have children. But it is expensive and many of us cannot afford it. So, why is it so expensive?

We all know that it has to do with big profits for big insurance companies. That is capitalism at its finest. Add to this the fact that medical treatment is expensive. The doctors and nurses should be paid a lot for what they do. But in addition you are paying every time you use an ice pack or a tongue depressor in a hospital. And why does it cost around $25 for a single pain killer?

All of these costs contribute to why medicine is expensive. We have not even counted the drug industry. The reality is we pay them, whether we pay directly or pay our health insurance company to pay them. This, alone, makes it acceptable. Medicine is a business and businesses are made for profit. This will probably not change any time soon.

The problem with this model is that health seems to be only for those with good insurance or lots of money. Unfortunately, that is the message we get from the health insurance industry, the medical establishment and Big Pharma.

This model of health insurance has given the impression for years that you must rely on others for your health. When you are sick, you must rely on a doctor to diagnose it and write a prescription. If you use holistic health, even though cheaper and just as effective in many cases, most health insurance companies will not pay for it.

Prevention is not rewarded in our current model of health care; not true prevention anyways. Prevention is considered having tests done to catch a disease at the early stages. But prevention is supposed to mean not allowing it to happen in the first place. This is how health insurance companies could cut costs to pass on to their customers.

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